You can download everything from the releases page on GitHub.

The GUI version has a window with buttons where you can click but you can use it from the terminal too. The no-GUI version can be used only from the terminal.

GNU/Linux 64 bit PC

Debian-based distros

Other distros

Windows 64 bit PC

Raspberry Pi 2+

Note: Version 0.9.8 currently has a bug where output is truncated on depending on the input sample rate. Decode your WAV first to 48000Hz or 20800Hz, don’t use 11025Hz as input sample rate. Other rates may work or not.


Something else?


On Windows there aren’t any dependencies, on Linux you probably already have installed what you need:

  • GTK+ >= 3.16 (Only for the GUI version)

  • glibc >= 2.19

  • libgcc

My builds use a statically linked libssl, so you don’t need libssl unless you compiled noaa-apt yourself.