Receive and decode images from weather satellites

Takes a recorded WAV file (from GQRX, SDR#, etc.) and decodes the raw image. Later you can rotate the image and adjust the contrast with something like GIMP or Photoshop.

Keep in mind that the output is upside down if the satellite went from south to north instead of north to south that day.

Works with WAV files of any sample rate, 32 bit float or 16 bit integer encoded. When loading audio files with more than one channel (stereo), only the first one is used.

If you get some kind of error or bad result don't hesitate to open a Issue or to send me an email. You can try to run the program with the `--debug` option for more info. The quality of the decoded image should be very similar to what you get using WXtoIMG, but without colors and country lines.